A clearly written policy in English with all the safeguards for your peace of mind.

If your property in North Cyprus is a holiday home you could insure your UK home if it is your main residence, even if it is left unoccupied for long periods of time, by insuring the two properties together you could quality for an extra discount.

Payment installment option available. Interest free over 4 months in equal payments or Direct Debit scheme from a UK bank account over 10 months subject to 10% interest.

Emergency travel expenses following loss or damage to the buildings by any insured event where the loss or damage is in excess of £2,500 for the cost of one return air or rail fare to the property for you, up to £300, and 50% of the cost of one return air or rail fare to the property for a member of your family, up to £150.

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For some time we have been successfully offering our clients property insurance underwritten in the UK and now we have teamed up with EXPAT TRAVEL INSURANCE to also offer travel insurance to expats living in the TRNC. We know from our own experience it can be difficult to obtain travel insurance at a reasonable cost if you are an ex-pat living in North Cyprus, many companies cover the Republic of Cyprus but not the TRNC. Some UK banks offer their customers free travel insurance but read the small print and most state the trip has to start and end in the UK. Don’t take chances on your cover, take a look at EXPAT TRAVEL INSURANCE Expat Travel Insurance Why choose Expat Travel Insurance? Travel insurance for EU Residents of 6 months or longer. Trip Travel No upper age limit. Cover up to 100 days. One way trip cover available. Year Round Available for those aged up to 85 years. Cover up to 100 days per trip for those aged 18-65 years. Cover up to 35 days per trip for those aged 66-85 years. Long Stay Available for those aged up to 75 years. Covers trips up to 12 months.



If you have invested your hard-earned money in a property you need the peace of mind that good quality insurance you know you can rely on will give you. If this is competitively priced, with a policy written in plain English and underwritten at Lloyds, even better. Those who have changed to this insurer have found the policy competitive and comprehensive compared to their existing locally sourced insurance.

butterflyFire is an all too common sight in a hot dry North Cyprus summer where tinder dry vegetation catches fire and sometimes spreads at an alarming rate

We are committed to giving our clients the best possible service and once a client always a client so if we are able to assist long after for instance undertaking a survey or supervising building works we do. One area we have ventured into is insurance. Lloyds underwritten insurance is now available in North Cyprus with policies in easy-to-understand English with few, if any, exclusions in the standard policy, together with a simple claims procedure and a competitive premium. This comes as a breath of fresh air in present times when money is becoming increasingly more difficult to find and everything is getting more expensive. We had to make a decision, would we become an agent for the insurance company without the help of a third party or would we team up with a UK broker? We decided on the latter as this would give our clients additional safeguards. We have teamed up with a Turkish Cypriot Insurance broker who has lived in the UK for 25 years and has been running an insurance brokerage there for 17 years.  As the broker is Cypriot and grew up in Cyprus he is aware of the vagaries of North Cyprus.

Rains are often heavy and prolonged in the winter and storm damage can be widespread

By uniting forces we can offer our clients the protection of the UK Financial Services Authority and, in an unfortunate case of things going wrong, the benefit of the UK Financial Ombudsman Complaints Scheme, as well as the broker’s Professional Indemnity cover. Had we gone down the route of becoming an agent for the insurance company on our own then this protection would not have been available for our clients, also we would not have the benefit of the extensive knowledge that the broker has of the UK insurance market.

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